SMMHQ Toronto

Case Study Writing

SMM Headquarters, Toronto, ON

The team at Toronto digital marketing agency SMM Headquarters are online ad experts. 

The engagement stats their campaigns achieve sail high above industry standards. 

To showcase the results they deliver we wrote a case study. It showcases their work on a campaign for the Ontario Caregiver Organization. 

This case study is now a part of their marketing arsenal they use to attract new business. 

Check out the full case here: 

Case Study: How SMMHQ Helped a Vital Public Health Campaign 3x Its Online Ad Engagement Rates


Website Writing

Lindy Hop Revolution, Toronto, ON

Entrepreneur Luis Arredondo runs a swing dance studio in Toronto, Ontario.


He started the studio in his basement apartment with a simple DIY website, 2 students, and a dream.


Today Lindy Hop Revolution has more than 500 students, 30 teachers, and a big beautiful 4,500 sq ft studio space. 


To keep up with this growth his website needed a refresh. It needed to include information on the wide variety of classes and other services he now offers. Plus–it needed to get students excited about swing dancing!


We used fresh, conversational writing, internal links and SEO keywords to refresh the Lindy Hop Revolution site.

It gives students all the information they need to make purchase decisions AND gets them excited about joining classes! Plus–it helps people searching for dancing classes in Toronto find the LHR website. 

Check out some of the refreshed pages here: 

  • Lindy Hop Class Info & Descriptions

  • Solo Jazz Class Info & Descriptions

  • Wedding Dances

  • Gift Cards

  • Private Lessions

  • FAQ


Content Writing

Lindy Hop Revolution, Toronto, ON

Lindy Hop Revolution is Toronto's biggest swing dance studio. They wanted to educate and excite people about taking swing dance classes.


Custom blog posts were the answer! We wrote a series of 3 posts focused on topics that new students, or prospective students, might want to know.


Lindy Hop Revolution now has content they can share with new student groups again and again!

Read the posts here: