Case Study Writing

Case Study Writing

Capture & Cash-In On

Your Customer Success Stories

Looking to: 

  • Use social proof to increase your revenue? 

  • Build your authority

  • Make your marketing budget go WAY further?

  • Have an evergreen content piece that you can use in more ways than a ShamWow?

  • Get new leads to say, "YES!" faster? 


Most businesses will use
client testimonials. 

Savvy businesses
know the POWER
of Case Studies. 

Want to use your happy clients to attract MORE happy clients? 

I plan, interview and write your success stories for you – start to finish.  

Giving you a heavy-lifting marketing piece you can use for YEARS. 

Ready to start? 


Case Studies are Testimonials on Steroids

When your client writes you a testimonial, they often miss some of the juiciest bits of the story. 

The bits that can help you get 10x more value out of that same story. 

Their glowing words are only part of the big picture.

That’s where case studies come in. 

Case studies combine your client’s glowing words with the REAL WORLD RESULTS  you helped them achieve. 

This combo of social proof AND results is an incredibly persuasive marketing duo. 

When these two ingredients are packaged in an easy-to-read story, your potential clients will eat it right up. 

The story takes them on a journey.


It helps them SEE themselves experiencing the same success when they buy from you. 

And this means you get them to say, "YES!" faster. 

How to Capture &
Cash-In On Your Customer Success Stories

Have you helped a client score a solid win? 

Turn that win into a marketing gift-that-keeps-on-giving: a case study!

You’ll need: 

  • A happy client

  • Data on the results and solid win(s) that your client is enjoying

  • A case study writer (Hi there!)

As your case study writer, I’ll do all the work to capture and package your success story into the best-darned content piece you’ve ever paid for. 


Want to see an example?

Click here to download a fully designed PDF case study. 

How It Works

When you hire me to write your case study you have my 10 years of project management experience on your team. 


I’ll manage the whole process from start to finish for you.  

After accepting the quote and paying your deposit, here's how it will shake out: 


Step 1: You'll fill out a juicy project brief and e-introduce me to your happy client. 

Step 2: You kick back. I write interview questions, set-up a client interview (phone), treat them like the VIP they are, and craft their story into a 500-800 word case study. 

Step 3: Both your client and you get to check out the draft.  2 rounds of revisions are included (if you need 'em) so everything is *just right.*

Step 4: Your case study gets a professional proofread and is delivered to you in a Google Doc. Ready to hand off to your designer, website team, and social media manager to start using right away. 

Design Option:  Don't have your own designer? You can add design onto your package and get your case study made into a splashy 2-page PDF. I'll use my designer and take care of all the back and forth. 


Katya Ryabova, Founder - SMM Headquarters

For a digital marketing agency, it is critical to be able to showcase our work in a short, easy-to-read format that makes good use of compelling language, proven data and clear calls to action.


Case studies are a great tool for businesses like ours, so when a chance to work with Tiffany arose, we jumped at the opportunity.


I can confidently say she knocked it out of the park!


The process was seamless and streamlined: Tiffany not only helped us to choose a client project that would be a good fit for a case study, but also asked all the right questions, followed up with clarifications, and took care of all the setup required to interview our client.


I was very impressed with her professionalism, skill and dedication to timely communications.


If you are looking for a business copywriter, I would not hesitate to recommend Tiffany's services wholeheartedly.

Check out SMMHQ's case study here: 

Case Study: How SMMHQ Helped a Vital Public Health Campaign 3x Its Online Ad Engagement Rates

How to Maximize The Mileage

Of Your Case Studies

Want to get the most ROI out of your case study? 

Of course you do! 

You can use, and re-use your case study EVERYWHEREFor years

Here are some of the places your case study can make a huge impact: 

  • Feature on a dedicated “Success Stories” page on your website

  • Select excerpts for your services pages

  • Post snippets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

  • Add to your list of publications on LinkedIn

  • Include in your email newsletter or drip campaign

  • Make it a PDF and use as a lead magnet to get subscribers

  • Link to it in your email signature

  • Adapt into blog posts and articles to fill your content pipeline

  • Add to your sales presentations and pitches

  • Distribute hard copies at a trade show, conference, networking, or speaking event you attend

  • Create an infographic

Ready to Take Your Social Proof Through the Roof? 

Case studies take your customer success stories and make them work even harder.  

They make you look awesome. 


They make your client look awesome. 


And they help your potential clients SEE what their own success might look like if they also invest in your product or service. 

My Case Study Writing Service Includes:

  • A detailed brief to get to know your business and your values.

  • A one-on-one phone interview with your happy client to capture their candid answers about their experience with your product or service. These are juicy “sound-byte” quotes that will make your case study shine. 

  • Background research on your audience to make sure the story is crafted to feature what your readers REALLY want to know.

  • Writing your case study into a juicy story

  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions to get everything *just right*.

  • A professional final proofread to make sure everything is flawless.

  • Delivery of your 500-800 word, ready-to-publish case study you can use for YEARS.

Ready to showcase one of your client success stories in a case study?