bookworm, INTJ,
& ...swing dancer! 

Most businesses struggle to write about what they offer in a way that actually compels people to buy or take the next step.

I write website pages and ads using a process that helps your business enjoy more sales and leads.

Hi! I'm Tiffany!

Work With A Copywriter Who’s Just As Over The Moon About Your Business As You Are

You spend more waking hours working on your business than anything else in life. 


And making your customer’s lives better is your JAM.


You know the writing on your website, in your ads, and in your emails can make the difference as to whether someone takes the next step...or closes the browser window. 


And you’ve worked too damn hard for people to get that far and close the browser window. 


You want potential customers to take the next step when they read about what you offer. 


So you can get on with the ‘making their lives better’ part. The part where they place an order or book a call. 

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But when it comes to writing your marketing materials yourself you ...

  1. Don’t know what to say 

  2. Don’t know how to say it effectively

  3. Don’t have time

If you could outsource this, your life would be WAY EASIER. (#Amiright?)


But can you really trust someone else to understand your biz and write about it with enthusiasm

You're in the right place friend. 


I’m Tiffany Sine, a freelance copywriter who is just as JAZZED when you make your next sale as you are.

(For real, I want to celebrate with you!)


I write marketing materials for businesses (and agencies!) who want to connect with their potential customers and GROW.

If you need: 


  • Copywriting for your Website Pages

  • Facebook Ad Captions that are more than, "Buy Now! 50% off!"

  • Case Studies that have your potential clients nodding and clicking the "Book a Call" button

I'm here to help. 


My process uses copywriting formulas, frameworks, and techniques tailored for your business - to make words work hard for you. 

It also combines the perfect mix of psychology, human behaviour, and writing together to compel your readers to TAKE ACTION


Let's Chat About Your Project

Why I Want to Be Your 
Copywriting Sidekick

(And why I left my
job to freelance)


I left a comfortable job as a project manager at a commercial printing company to do this. I worked there for 10 years and had 5 weeks vacation (Am I crazy?)


I left because I wanted to help businesses like you – not giant corporations – with their marketing. 


It all started when I asked if I could help the swing dance studio I take classes at with their website. I knew they offered something incredible and that their current website copy was holding them back from attracting more students. A few months later they were SELLING OUT their beginner classes. 


And boy, were they excited! But I experienced just a big of a RUSH from seeing them succeed. And knew then that helping businesses grow with copywriting was my calling

So I set out to learn EVERYTHING I could about great copywriting. And am constantly updating my skills.  

I get my thrills from helping you succeed in your business. (That, and swing dancing. Not gonna lie. You can have two passions in life!)


And that 10 years of project management experience.... I use it on every copywriting job. You’ll never have to wonder, “How's that copy coming along?” I’ve got you.


Digital Marketing Agency Owner, SMMHQ

Katya R. 

I was very impressed with her [Tiffany's] professionalism, skill and dedication to timely communications.


If you are looking for a business copywriter, I would not hesitate to recommend Tiffany's services wholeheartedly.

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Have a Business That Makes the World A Better Place


Need Help Connecting with Potential Customers with WORDS


Want Clear Marketing Copy That Will Help Grow Your Sales




Enthusiastic About Helping Your Business with Copywriting


Have a Process for Writing Compelling Copy


Want you to WIN! (So we can both celebrate!)

Do we sound like a match?

Let’s chat about how copywriting can help you reach your goals.

How Hiring A Copywriter Is Like Being at the Best Party Ever!

When I’m at social events (pre-covid) I’m the person in the room who tries to talk to everyone.

And when I meet two different people who have something in common and need to meet – I connect them

Writing copy is my way of connecting people – in the digital world.


You have something to offer. And someone out there NEEDS IT.

I want to write the words that will be the bridge between you and your next customers. 


Introducing you to each other so you can hit it off. 


Creative Agency

Are you an AGENCY or 

Looking for extra support? 

I work with a small roster of people just like you. 


  • Facebook Ad Strategists

  • Web Designers

  • Other Copywriters 

Sometimes you have overflow and need a go-to writer you can trust. Let’s chat. I’m fully insured and offer white-label writing (so your clients never have to know that it wasn’t you who did the writing.) 

Let's team up!