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Facebook Ad Copywriter
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getting your client campaigns published? 

  • You can whip up a campaign plan like a batch of pancakes, but when it comes to writing all the ad copy there aren’t enough hours in the day

  • You’d rather spend your brainpower on strategy and implementation, instead of headlines and ad captions. 

  • You’re limiting the number of clients you can take on because you’re trying to write all your client copy yourself

  • You’d like a better work/life balance, but need outside support to make this happen

  • You're an agency or independent digital marketer with overflow writing who needs help on a project-by-project basis

You're in the right place.

Work with a Behind-The-Scenes Copywriting Sidekick


Hi! I'm Tiffany!

A freelance Facebook Ad Copywriter in Toronto, Ontario.

I provide Facebook Ad copywriting to other marketing professionals. 


  • Facebook Ad Strategists

  • Brand Strategists

  • Marketing Managers

  • Small Agencies

  • And even other copywriters!


I understand that your roster of entrepreneur and small business clients needs a lot of copywriting. 


I’d love to be your friendly go-to when you need someone to whip up some ad copy for a campaign. 


Have a project you need a hand with? 


Katya, Digital Marketing Agency Owner
SMM Headquarters

I was very impressed with her [Tiffany's] professionalism, skill and dedication to timely communications.


If you are looking for a copywriter, I would not hesitate to recommend Tiffany's services wholeheartedly.


Hattie, Facebook Ad Agency Owner
Funstans Marketing

Our click through rate has shot through the roof since hiring Tiffany.

Tiffany was one of the best investments I made in helping take stress away from my business AND getting my clients more sales, stronger leads and better results. I seriously do not know what I would do without her. She is an absolute copy wizard!!!!


Luis, Dance Studio Owner
& Marketing Manager


The clear, fun and super engaging new copy from Tiffany has driven up our sales!!

What you get when you hire me as your copywriting sidekick: 

  • Copywriting support, on a project-by-project basis. No need to hire someone in-house.

  • Full control of communication with your clients. They don’t know I exist if you don’t want them to. 

  • No fear of client poaching. I’m only interested in working with you, not directly with your clients.

  • Dependable, on-time delivery. I have 10 years of project management experience and if I say I will do something, I do it.

  • Clear, organized copy. The kind that makes you nod your head and gets your client’s message across effectively.

  • Someone obsessed with copywriting frameworks working out your client's copy to maximize the results.

Sound like the kind of help you need?  

"What can you help me with Tiffany?"

Top of Funnel Ads

Promote lead magnets, online challenges, webinars, first-time customer discounts, and more to build up an email list. 

E-Commerce Ads

Drive traffic to an online store to sell physical or digital products.

Service Ads

Sell big-ticket packages, professional home or business services, online courses, and more!

How to get a behind-the-scenes copywriting sidekick: 


Click the "Work With Me" button let me know what I can help you with. 


I write your client ad copy for you using proven copywriting frameworks and techniques.

Cut & paste your ad copy right into Facebook Ad Manager and start running your campaign! 

Get a Copywriting Sidekick On Your Team!

It’s time to stop getting bogged down by writing Facebook Ad copy for your clients. 

Free up your time to focus on higher level strategy, implementation,  taking on more accounts, or taking more time for yourself!

Sound like the help you've been looking for?